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Why Hire a Web Designer?

Creating a website is not like it was just a few years ago. Today you don’t need to know how to code to create a new site and there are many services out there with easy to use tools to help one create a website with little experience. So why would you want to hire a web designer and pay them rather than do it all yourself?

What I offer people is collaboration. The hardest part about getting a new website up for most people has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with getting good content together. Coming up with the message you want to put out there and communicating what you need to say about your business effectively. That alone is a significant challenge for most people. The majority of people don’t realize how much is involved in creating good content for a website. Working with a web designer allows you to focus your attention on what is most important for your business, creating the right content.

When I work with people I handle all the technical aspects of getting the site together so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Sure you could learn to do those things yourself but that doesn’t mean you have the time, interest or the ability to do that along with everything else involved with content and your business requirements. I offer people the experience I’ve accumulated over 10 years of building sites to ensure that your site is setup properly, is backed up, is secure, is ready for SEO and is manageable by you when we are finished. I offer people feedback and help with their content when they get struck as I’m familiar with the struggles, issues and stumbling blocks many deal with in getting a website up. I also offer encouragement and suggestions on the content itself and other ways to get yourself out there. I can answer your questions and be a resource down the road if you need technical support or if you have more advanced features you’d like to add to your site down the road.

So hiring a web designer is hiring a consultant to work with you to get the best most effective professional website possible. It frees you up to focus on what is important and serves as another resource for your technical needs.

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